Quality Design
With You In Mind


The shivers that run down my spine when I walk into a hotel room are second to none. When a hotel room blows me away with its design, the elation is etched onto my face. Everyone who knows me understands how I obsess over a good hotel design – I’ve even been known to ask my friends to snap photos of the places they stay at. I can’t say I fully understand those who say they don't care where they stay or live, that claim where they stay is simply a place to sleep. On the contrary, I feel that every space has the potential to be an experience that uses all the senses. A well-designed room fills me with excitement, and I strive to achieve that euphoric feeling with each of my clients. I want their space to be a reflection of them...their lives, personality, and experiences that make them who they are today.

I have always found social interactions among people, psychology behind their actions, and the feelings they experience to be extremely fascinating. As a result, I made it a point to help create feelings and emotions for people through my interior design. I was fortunate enough to meet a gentleman before starting my firm, who introduced me to a set of neurological stimuli – the 7 mood inducing stimuli. The brief lesson resonated with me, and I made them the focus of my grad school thesis. 10 years and many satisfied clients later, the stimuli have been effortlessly ingrained into my approach to interior design. It truly is incredible what it can do to people. Many people have asked how the spaces I design can be so different; and the answer is that all of my clients are different people, and just like no two fingerprints are the same, neither should their homes be. This set of design principles are not only incredible in their effects on my clients, but in their lives too. I believe a well-designed space can encourage you to be more passionate, diligent, calm, and loving, not to mention a better cook!

In essence, I create an experience for my clients that I call an "I AM" design. I ask my clients how they want to feel when they walk into their space with 'I AM' statements: I AM: sexy, passionate, cozy, powerful, etc. When I finish each design my goal is to have them walk into their space and FEEL passionate, cozy, powerful or sexy. I know I have done my job when – during the final design reveal – I see the looks of excitement and wonder on their faces.