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High Rise New Build & Renovation: Lobbies, Corridors, Unit finishes and staging, Resident amenities, Gyms, Pet amenities      -      Multi-Unit Residential   -    Fitness centers     -    Universities    -    Healthcare facilities   -     Private Aviation FBO     -        Restaurants    -      Corporate Spaces    -    Office Design   -    Hospitality   -    Residential
New builds   -    Renovations   -    Commercial and Residential Design   -     Space planning   -    Programming   -   Specifications: furniture, finishes, lighting    -     FF&E Packages   -   Project management   -    Design within LEED standards  -   Finish Boards: physical/virtual   -    Furniture Selection   -    Lighting Selection&Specifications   -    Flooring/finish Selection   -    Budgeting  -    Purchasing  -    Drawings: floorplans, elevations, furniture and finish plans   -     Millwork design  -    3d Renderings  -   Window treatments  -   Color Consultations & Selection  -    Trade Pricing   -    Wall Coverings  -   Unit and Home Staging




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Welcome to Mistura. First things first what is Mistura? It is a Portuguese word for 'Mix'. Interior design is a mix of texture, technology and materials. Cognitive perception, texture, lighting, scenting, temperature and technology, they all have their place in our designs. Our research and approach using cognitive thinking creates a deeper layer to our designs. How we perceive an interior when entering it, how we feel, what we think or how we react. How do you want to feel in your space? Using cognitive sensory cues known as the 7 mood inducing stimuli we can make you or your clients feel anyway you want without realizing it.  We believe every clients personality, culture and brand is unique and so should their space. A true reflection of them, which shows in the diversity of styles in our portfolio.   

Mistura Design has 20 years of experience in the design field and our team has several projects that have gained public attention through publications, awards and television. Our projects range across the board and across the globe and in all of them we believe collaboration and team work with the trades, contractors and owners is our best asset, it's what makes our projects standout in today's design world. So welcome to Mistura and we look forward to meeting you. 



Mistura Interior Design         

1 E. Superior St, Suite 402, Chicago Illinois 60611



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