I purchased a 1500 ft loft in a 1915 Cambridge factory building, and even though I am a graphic (2d) designer I wanted help with designing my new living space.  After doing some online research I was impressed with Mistura Design's beautiful and well-organized website.  I called Melinda (Mistura 's president) and right from the start she made me feel comfortable explaining the process, not pushing anything on me, but rather wanting to get to know me, my likes and tastes, etc.  She came to my prior place and photographed my furnishings, art, antiques, and even wanted to see the clothes in my closet,  I tried on a few of my favorite jackets -- which I thought was another great way for her to get to know me, my style.

    We collaborated on a number of things but Melinda's  selection of some things I am still ecstatic about like a metallic pearl blue wall, custom kitchen island and dining area side board produced from architectural salvage, plus great light fixtures, throw pillows, and arrangement of my art, art objects, my collection of mirrors.  The bedroom is a pleasure at night from the lighting, wall colors, and library-drawer-salvage nite stands to the sheepskin rugs, plants and mirrors.

   Friends and family really like the place, and in the end she created a space that expresses who I am, and my son even said "Dad this place is you."  If you need help with interior design you will be delighted working with Melinda (who is friendly, artistic, prompt, talented and upbeat) and her team of painters, carpenters, and special artisans and suppliers were excellent.

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