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Space planning   Programming     3D Renederings       Autocad     Design within LEED standards      Specifications: furniture, finishes, lighting  FF&E Packages     Finish Boards: physical/virtual     Furniture Selection      Lighting Selection     Flooring/finish Selection     Budgeting     Project management     Purchasing     Drawings: floorplans, elevations, furniture and finish plans      Millwork design     Window treatments   Wall Color Consultations & Selection    Trade Pricing     Wall Coverings




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Melinda Cabanilla - Founder

Welcome to Mistura. First things first what is Mistura? It is a Portuguese word for 'Mix'. Interior design is a mix of texture, technology and materials. As well as my heritage coming from an Ecuadorian father and a Norwegian mother. With my worldly heritage has brought an international inspiration to my designs. Cognitive perception, texture, lighting, scenting, temperature and technology, they all have their place in my designs. Travel and exploring cultural designs is one of my passions.  International cultures have brought a unique approach to my designs. I believe every clients personality, culture and brand is unique and so should their space. A true reflection of them, that is why I have so many different styles throughout my portfolio.   

My research and approach using cognitive thinking creates a deeper layer to my designs. How we perceive an interior when entering it, how we feel, what we think or how we react. How do you want to feel in your space? Using cognitive sensory cues known as the 7 mood inducing stimuli we can make you or your clients feel anyway you want without realizing it. 

I started my passion for interior design back in 2006 as I began my Masters in interior design at the Boston Architectural College and consecutively working for one of Boston's largest commercial architectural firms in beautiful Boston MA. I founded Mistura in 2009, my projects range across the board from private aviation to high end residential and in all of them we believe collaboration and team work with all the trades is our best asset, it is what makes our projects standout. So welcome to Mistura and we look forward to meeting you. 



Mistura Interior Design         

1 E. Superior St, Suite 402, Chicago Illinois 60611



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